Helpful Tips For Christmas Cleanup

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  After months of preparing and decorating for arguably the biggest holiday of the year, it's time to take down the decorations and get the house back to being organized.  Here are a few helpful tips that have worked well for our family:


1. Gifts 

How did we acquire so much stuff!?  First, take everything out of the unneeded boxes and recycle them. This will help cleanup your room and feel less cluttered.  We have two small kiddos so some of the gifts I like to put away in their closets for a "rainy day".  I'm also a big believer in going through their rooms and/or playroom, taking the toys they don't use, and either selling them or putting them away in storage for the next child.  I like to call it the "one in one out" rule.  Then you can place all their new gifts in their room or closest in an orderly fashion.  

2. Christmas Tree

I guess this only applies to people that have fake trees, but what is the best way to store it?  The tree bag is one of the best, simple, helpful tools to storing a tree for the following year, just ask my husband. For a few years we would lug that box up and down the stairs.  This bag has wheels and zips up to keep every part of the tree nice and snug.  

Click on image to find link to Amazon

Click on image to find link to Amazon


3.  Ornaments 

I love this ornament sorter.  It keeps our ornaments separated and safe.  The other thing I really like about this one is that you can customize the size of each opening, this allows you to utilize your space well.  I'm always afraid of breaking special keepsake ornaments, and this has been extremely helpful!

Click on image to find link to Amazon

Click on image to find link to Amazon

4.  Decorations 

First, take pictures of your centerpieces and decorations so you can remember how they were designed. Then once you take your decorations down, start to sort your items.  I personally like to group by room.  That way you can start one room at a time when you take down and put up.  When you start to put away the decorations I would recommend clear bins, allowing easy viewing of what you have stored and where it needs to go.  Make sure you get plenty of tall storage bins, and don't rush the process. It's worth taking your time so when you open the bin next November, you don't find broken pieces.  Lastly, label those bins! 


5.  Wrapping Paper 

If you're like me, I love shopping the 50% off section after the holiday, but then where do you put it all?  Well, it depends on how much room you have and where you store it.  Here are two helpful ways to store your wrapping paper, bows and ribbon.  The first, is to store it with a vertical, tall bin.  You can then place it in your unfinished basement or a hallway closet. Next to it, I have a square bin that holds all my bows and ribbons.  I personally keep all styles of paper and gift wrap in the bin, so therefore it is my little wrapping station throughout the year.  

Click on image to find link to Amazon

Click on image to find link to Amazon

If you don't have much room or live in an urban area, utilize the space underneath your bed or guest bed.  These bins also work great if you need to stack them in an attic or basement.  

6.  Clean & Relax

Lastly, make sure you vacuum and clean before you start rearranging the furniture and placing everything back where it belongs.  And once that is done you get to sit back and admire your work.  Another fantastic Christmas in the books, and last but not least, remember to relax and take some time for yourself!