How To Create An Organized Solution For Your Child's School Papers

School is just around the corner, and that means a lot of papers, art work, and school news letters filling up your kiddos backpacks.  Before you get bombarded with all these papers, set up a filing system for your children with these 3 simple steps!  

Step 1: 

First off, lets talk about what papers we are keeping.  Your kids come home with multiple papers every day; it can be overwhelming to figure out what to keep, and what to throw away. Each family differs on what should be kept and stored, and what should be recycled/thrown away.  For an example, our family keeps:

  • Art work 
  • School events or special projects 
  • Sport certificates or special achievements 
  • Personal notes or letters from their teachers 

Coming up with categories for your child's project, papers, awards etc. make storing them much easier and even simpler to find later on to show proud grandparents :)

Note: If something is to big to fit in the filing bin, we will take a picture of it, and then file that away. 

Step 2: 

Now we get to do the fun part: shopping!  The supply list below is for one child.  If you are making multiple bins then buy accordingly. (Click on each item for the link)  

 Clear plastic filing bin-  

A pack of folders with hanging hooks-

A pack of manilla folders- 

Labels- (I prefer Avery 8160 address labels)   

Step 3

Once you have all your supplies, the next step is making the labels and organizing your filing bin.  First print out or write the child's name on the front of the filing bin.  

Next, if you prefer working on the computer, you can print out your labels or if you have perfect penmanship, then proudly display your skills.  The labels consist of your child’s age and/or grade.  For example I would label Preschool Age 2, Preschool Age 3, Preschool Age 4, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, etc.  Once you have your labels printed place them on the tabs on your manilla folders. 

Next, place the hanging folders in the filing bin, and stagger the labeled manilla folders accordingly.  If you want to get creative, I like to put a picture on the front of each manilla folder along with the child’s school info, and interests.  

Note: Some prefer having subcategories within the age group.  If you prefer to do it this way,  label the hanging folder with the age/grade, and then on the manilla folders label sports, artwork, etc.

Now that your paper filing system is setup the next part is actually filing it.  Some of my clients have put these containers in their laundry room cubbies, while others keep them in storage.  Either way the hardest part now is being disciplined to put the paperwork where it belongs.  I have found that if your child gets to file it away, they are more willing to let you remove it down from the refrigerator or bulletin board.  Plus, they like to be part of the process and might do the filing for you :) Happy filing!